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Saturday, January 30, 2010

if you have a sweet tooth, then this place is your heaven

Laduree....the most famous (delicious, beautiful, amazing, I can keep going with the compliments) macaroon/pastry shop in Paris. If you are lucky enough to go to Paris, definitely stop in. The line looks intimidating (as well as the staff that are in tuxedos), but it is worth the wait. My husband took all the pictures because I was too overwhelmed and I was basically in awe of where I was. Decadent is the best word to describe both the atmosphere and the tasty sweets that I indulged in.

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  1. I absolutely wish very badly that I can go visit this wonderful place right now!!! This is my haven, haha... hope your remaining weekend fairs well, take care :)

    Feel free to drop a line!