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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dear France,

I might be coming to see you again!

I came across a photography class on one of the blogs that I frequently read and just about gasped at how wonderful it sounded. 3 days of learning with two super-creative photographers, teaching us how to photograph portraits, landscapes, and the beauty that is France. Beynac, France to be exact. Castles built into cliffs? Oh my, that is Beynac! The movies Chocolat and Ever After were filmed there. Oh my heart is racing.

Photography is my favorite hobby, my passion I suppose. I love being behind the camera and capturing little things that maybe no one else notices. This trip would be combining my deep live of France and my creative side of photography. Should I go? eeeek!! I can't stop thinking about it! Now I just have to talk with the others that are going. Where are you fellow French-loving photographers? Let's chat!

This photo is from our hotel balcony on our amazing honeymoon. That's me....big smile and in awe of where I am. Kinda feeling like Carrie Bradshaw in Season 6 where she goes to Paris with the Russian and opens the french doors and looks right at the Eiffel Tower.

Its moments like these that make life so amazing.

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