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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

getting ready for the new year

I have the entire week off of work which is completely exhilarating to me. I don't have many plans, just mainly drinking hot cocoa and doing some yoga. I just want to relax and replenish myself for the coming year ahead. 2010 was pretty eventful year for me. We are actually expecting our first baby in May of 2011. So right now I am half way there which is just crazy to me. 2011 is going to be filled with even more baby research, reading more books, shopping for baby clothes and baby furniture, and pretty much all things baby. My husband and I are beyond excited and can't wait to meet this little person. Tomorrow is actually the day we find out if baby is a boy or girl. So today and tomorrow afternoon will be filled with a lot of time distracting myself until my afternoon appointment. We just can't wait to find out!

Until then, I am going to be spending my time reflecting on 2010 and getting ready for 2011.

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