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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Notre Dame

I like to consider myself a spiritual person. I don't particularly follow any one religion and sometimes have a lot of issues with the way churches and organized religion is run.

I have multiple Buddha statues throughout our home and an entire shelf dedicated to Taoism and Buddhism in our mini library. I love old churches with stained glass windows and old wooden pews. I wear a red string bracelet with a hamsa hand charm on it to protect me from the "evil eye". I collect rosaries and carry my favorite one with me every time I travel. Parks are my church, they are where I go when I need to reflect or feel peace. I also happen to love those glass pillar candles with saints on them that you can buy in the grocery store and set in front of graves at the cemetery. So my "religion" is a compilation of many different cultures and traditions and I refuse to devote myself to one particular faith.

Now to go in a slightly different direction, Notre Dame was one of the most spiritual places I have ever been. Whoever your god is, I bet he/she was in there.

It was so grand inside. So old, so much history inside the walls. There were candles everywhere and people praying. It was quiet, yet loud at the same time. I think that if I lived in Paris, I might make more trips to Notre Dame to reflect and take time out to think. It was serene.

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