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Friday, March 5, 2010

Los Angeles.... I love you

I don't know what it is about Southern California, but I just absolutely LOVE it. My first trip to California was in February 1988. I was sooo excited to see Hollywood and movie stars. We took the Amtrak train from Cleveland to Chicago then Chicago to Los Angeles. By far, the best trip I think a family could take. I was a very easy going kid and entertained myself for the whole trip. An active daydreamer my whole life, I think I starred out the window the entire trip and watched the beautiful American landscape pass me by. We traveled all throughout the Southwest and it felt like I was in a different world. We had a larger room with bunk beds and my mom and dad and me would play Go Fish and other little card games.

Since that trip in 1988, I have wanted to move there. Los Angeles is my favorite city and I think it will always be my favorite city. I know a lot of people who hate it and can complain for days about traffic and all that other stuff, but I love everything about it.

On sunny days like today here in Cleveland, it makes me miss L.A even more. I guess the sun makes me think of sunny California!! I'm by no means unhappy here in Cleveland, and I will most likely live here forever (unless my husband and I can persuade each other to move!). My family, small but lovely, predominately live here. I would miss my mom too much if I left...and my grandma, my little cousin, my aunt, my uncle, and so on. I truly enjoy their company and see them every week. I have no idea how some people move away from their families and only see them on holidays. Must be hard. Now tell me I would of said that when I was 17 and I would of laughed in your face! Amazing how time and age makes you treasure and appreciate all that you have.

I have traveled back to Los Angeles just about every year after that. Fortunately, I have family that live there so it gives me more of a point to get out there. I still have those moments where I just want to pack up and move out there. It's the sun. When I see sun, I think of L.A.

I still love you Cleveland. You are my home, my family....

Oh and back in 1988 when I was so excited about going to Hollywood, I did. And I saw the Hollywood sign and I remember seeing "rock stars" and one had a blue mohawk. I was in heaven.

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