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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

nutritious and delicious

The words "eating local", "buying local", nutrition, fresh, in season, homemade, and organic are words that seem to be floating around my brain non-stop these days. I really try to buy organic when I can and I always stop at the little farmer's stands on the side of the road during the summers. Yesterday I saw yellow plums that looked interesting but they were $4.99 lb and they were imported from Chile. Chile?! Shouldn't we be exporting our goods to help them since they just had a massive earthquake? Let's leave their expensive fruits for their country to enjoy. Whenever I see something "Ohio grown" I'm quick to buy it over the other guys.

Buying local is our responsibility. It is important to help out our local farmers and to also enjoy fresher foods that didn't travel over 1,000 miles to get to our dinner table.

So try and stop at your local farmer's market, C.S.A., or choose the (enter your state/city/country's name here) grown apples etc, over the ones from South America. Every small step helps tremendously!

If you are from the Cleveland area, check out the historic West Side Market!

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