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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I stop at my grandma's house every Wednesday after work. We sit at the kitchen table and chit chat about life. My aunt and my uncle live there too so they are always around. My aunt is always asking me if I want diet coke or cake (because there is always cake at their house) and my uncle chats with me about art and nature (he is a fantastic painter and self-taught).

Anyways, on to the point of my random's conversation was all about haircuts and finding the right beauty shop. My grandma (who I endearingly refer to as "Gra Gra") was complaining about her recent haircut. We both complained about how sometimes hairstylists never get it right even when you give them a picture. Made me giggle because I have had some haircuts that made me want to put on a wig or wear ponytails for 6 months.

Yesterday I came across a quote from one of my favorite musician/poet, Jim Morrison. It totally worked with today's conversation with Gra Gra. Here it is....

Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts.
Jim Morrison (1943 - 1971)

So true.

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