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Friday, November 27, 2009

magical gardens at Versailles

As if the inside of the palace wasn't amazing enough.....

The gardens outside stretched for what seemed miles. The exquisite manicured gardens almost looked fake. The boxwood was designed to look like different shapes, the trees were all the same height, the flowers were abundant, and everything had its own space and seemed to thrive.

We rented bikes and rode through the gardens for about 2 hours. It was probably one of the best times I have ever had. First of all, I love riding bikes. Second, who wouldn't love riding through gardens and farms full of grazing sheep? The air was crisp, but the sun was warm. The wind through my hair felt freeing. This was the first time of the trip where both me and my husband felt that were not close to home. It was too beautiful and majestic to be anything that we have ever experienced before.

There were fields of sheep and goats that were relaxing in the autumn sun. Marie Antoinette used to come out to these fields and look at the sheep when she was feeling overwhelmed with being royalty and living such an opulent life. It seemed that everything in the gardens of Versailles was authentic and never changed after all of these years.

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