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Monday, November 16, 2009

peacefully they rest....

We were walking along the streets of Paris and crossed a bridge. I peeked beneath the bridge and found the most intriguing cemetery. I begged to go inside and take a look. My husband agreed, although he didn't quite fully understand why I would want to walk around a cemetery.

I have always loved visiting cemeteries. It seems like a morbid hobby, but I have always been fascinated with looking at graves and wondering about the lives of the people who are there. The culture and tradition of cemeteries and death is something I have always been infatuated with. I am not a dark and somber person; I am just really interested in this. Its kind of hard to explain. Even as I am typing this, I know it sounds strange...even to me.

Aside from all of that...the cemetery was beautiful. These old, stone, intricate structures that house the families of France for centuries stood proud in the winding cobblestone streets of this particular cemetery. The graves of Alexander Dumas, Edgar Degas, and a Russian princess are among some of the more famous people who now "live" here. Black crows circle the air above the graves. Stray cats frolic through the little alley ways and in between graves. You could feel the history and you could feel the sadness. At the same time, it was magical to me.

This was really one of my favorite days in Paris. Lots more pictures to come!

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