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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Every morning, we would get up for coffee at the local coffee shop and have our morning cafe creme and pain au chocolat. After wrapping up in our scarves, we set out to explore the streets of Paris. It is easy to get lost in Paris. Not lost in the sense of "where am I??", but more in just wandering aimlessly around with no set direction or destination.

The small winding streets of Paris are the most charming. Ivy grows up sides of buildings, while colorful shutters outline cottage-like apartments. Each winding cobblestone street has so much character and so many little details to soak in. After being back home in the states, it makes me miss the quaintness of the city. Here all we see is mass retailed streets full of super size retailers and massive structures with no windows that we call shopping malls. Ugly and boring.

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