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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I was awakened this morning by my husband who was already up because he was the one who got up to get the door when my flowers were delivered. I was out cold and never heard the doorbell. So, I didn't see my BEAUTIFUL Valentine bouquet until an hour later when he woke me up. I will take some pics later and post some time this week of my purple roses. I'm not a fan of red roses and I hate baby's breath, so this bouquet is quite perfect. Dozen purple roses and lots of greens. Very me, very "not typical blah cliche red roses". I truly do have the best Valentine ever :)

So anyway, I woke up this morning from a dream that we were getting married again. I'm very adamant about renewing our vows at a few specific locations. Our wedding day was so fun, so beautiful, so loving, so perfect that I want to live that day over and over again.

First stop for our vow renewal....VEGAS!

I want to go to one of those insanely cheesy wedding chapels that are so beyond tacky with the fake flowers and pillars around the altar. I will even accept the garter that they give brides (I refused to wear one at our real wedding). I plan to wear a mini white dress, maybe my favorite red patent leather heels, and possibly even sunglasses to add to the Hollywood/glam/spontaneous Vegas wedding charm. Hey, why not? It's LAS VEGAS and you can do whatever you want there. Since I don't like red roses, I plan to bring my own bouquet (they give the brides a bouquet of roses...I researched the details). I love anemones, and black and white ones would look perfect. After the ceremony, which I would like to be at midnight, we will hop in our limo and drink lots of champagne and go play lots of Blackjack.

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