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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In need of fresh foods

I have been feeling tired, sluggish, and just unhealthy. It might of been my junk food binge on Super Bowl Sunday and the fact I'm still scarfing away at salsa and tortilla chips.

It may be time to start a detox.

I have been eating waaay too much unhealthy foods. Sugar is my best friend and my worst enemy. When I cut back on sugar, I feel so much better. It always sneaks up on me in cereals, Starbucks drinks, and well, of course, my inability to say "No" to desserts.

Starting tomorrow, I will slowly start eliminating certain foods out of my diet in order to fully detox. My detox is not as complex as others. I refuse to drink any weird potions that are supposed to "cleanse " or "re-energize" your body. In my opinion, that is what water and green tea is for.

I have a hard time eliminating dairy out of my diet too. I drink a lot of milk and I'm in love with cheese. I will slowly eliminate dairy, red meat, sugar, alcohol, and any type of processed foods. Just for a week.

I plan to start tomorrow by cutting out some sugar and eating more fresh fruits and veggies with each meal. By next Monday, the detox will be in full effect.

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