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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

respect the snow

As a native Clevelander, I'm always prepared for snow from November to sometimes even the first week of April. The weather may play sneaky tricks on us and give us a 65 degree day in March and then a blizzard the next day. Born and raised here, I know what to expect. It's been the same every single year. I have realized that one of my pet peeves is when Clevelanders or other northerners spend all day complaining about how much they hate the snow and "when will the snow stop?!?" Well, it's not going to stop anytime soon. It's February 16. Get ready Cleveland. Spring doesn't come till late April! Keep your scarves, sweaters, boots, and snow brushes on hand for about 6 more weeks.

This is Cleveland. This is the north. The snow will continue. So either deal with it or move to Miami Florida!

This photo was taken last winter at my favorite beach of Lake Erie. I happen to think the snow covered lake looks beautiful. Take that all you complainers!!!

Also just wanted to add that before I went to bed last night, I peeked out the window to see if it was still snowing (surprise, it was!!). The falling snow was illuminated by the light post across the street and a deer was galloping in the middle of the street. 5 minutes later I peek again...and a little bunny with a little white tail was running along in the street. Narnia! See how magical snow can be? It wouldn't of been as cool if it was hot and humid and a deer was walking along. The snow made the scene.

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